A heart connection allows you to accept, embrace and appreciate those you love exactly as they are. You see them for who they are, without needing them to change or be different. Unconditional love, empathy and compassion drive this kind of connection.

A soul connection allows two people to recognize, resonate and respond to each other’s inner beauty and deep spiritual essence. This mutual recognition allows you to see beyond the limitations of their personality and creates a powerful alchemy for deep, meaningful, transformative change.

While a heart connection lets you appreciate others just as they are, a soul connection opens you up to a whole new dimension: seeing the highest potential in others and loving them for who they could be. It also connects you with the kind of person you could become by being under another person’s influence.

A soul connection is a sacred collision that recognizes not only that you both have an important role to play in helping each other expand into your highest potential but inevitably confronts you with everything that is keeping you both from expanding into that potential.

This type of alliance will force you to look at…

  • All those parts of yourself that were wounded during your early childhood
  • That part of yourself that feels unworthy of receiving or giving love
  • All the areas in your life where you’re playing small or simply keep hiding
  • The many ways you’ve been ‘checking out’ or simply not being fully present for yourself, life and others
  • Those addictions, habits or distractions that are keeping you from following your heart’s calling

Soul connections, if pursuit wholeheartedly with a clarity of purpose and a set of clear, resonant agreements become Wholehearted Relationships or a relationship that seeks wholeness through the heart. This type of relationship includes and transcends the elements of heart and soul connections.

Wholehearted Relationships

In a Wholehearted Relationship, both partners choose to create a safe, loving and nurturing space where they can be present, real and feel connected to one another.  And where they can have the freedom to explore, discover and express the truth of who they really are.

This type of relationships creates a safe container where both partners can support one another in reclaiming those aspects of themselves which have been disowned, dimmed or projected out onto others.

Where both partners can gain a clear understanding of each other’s past trauma, family history, and core emotional wounds so that they can help each other heal.

Where both partners learn to express their emotional needs, wants, and desires and courageously ask for and receive the love, nurturing and support they need.

Were both partners choose to live from each of The 12 Virtues of the Heart (appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, valor, love, kindness, truth, freedom, harmony, and honor.)

Where both partners actively pursue their hearts’ desires while also sharing a common vision of what it is they want to create together.

Were both partners can tell each other, “I love you for who you are, and I love the person you are becoming as a result of the path we are walking together.”

As a result, the relationship becomes a vehicle for healing, growth, and transformation.

Best of all, this type of relationship is not limited to a romantic partner but can be created with anyone you love and feel a soul connection with – a business partner, a sibling, or your best friend.

And it all starts with you, the moment you start to show up for yourself and others in a wholehearted way.

From my heart to yours.
Gabriel Gonsalves

Photo by Anna Kolosyuk