Communication is the most important thing in a relationship! Every single couple needs to know how important it is to make talk to one another and be able to freely express what they feel or what their concerns are! Things that you are not able to talk about to anyone but your man. There is always a way to evolve and have a better relationship and we are here to let you know how you can follow some of the given tips on this list in order to have an envious relationship. One you have always dreamed about.


Only listening is not enough, you also need to be an attentive one! You need to actively listen and give feedback. Let’s say that listening is not girls’ strongest suit! They talk, nag, complain but they do not listen much. They expect you to listen to every single word they say, but they mostly do not return the favor. Some however do! She makes sure that you know she will be there for you when you need someone to talk to no matter what and that she will give you the best pieces of advice when you ask her for it!

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If there is something that men really like, that is an unpredictable woman. The men value spontaneity and extraordinary ideas. The predictable women become bored after a while and the men lose interest in them. It is like someone going to the same restaurant every day and still ordering the same dish. If you want to keep a man with you, get a real adrenalin value. Know that when they have no idea what is going to happen next can be a positive trait that would attract men and it can also be a negative one so use it wisely.


Men love to see someone who is confident and has her own personality. Ladies who do not change their ideas every 2 seconds and stick to their own ideas and beliefs. Someone who is beautiful inside and out. Someone who brings out the best in people. Someone who is friendly, humble and also has a great sense of humor. A girl they can feel comfortable being around and someone who makes it so easy to talk to. Movies and series might be the ones to blame for this preference but that is what they like.

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Men are very fond of ambitious, initiative women who are not afraid to say what they think. The women, who have no opinion of their own, can only affirm and say yes to everything and amen, become bored. In the relationship, the rule should be “fifty-fifty”, i.e. one side gives as much as others, so the woman should not be afraid to take initiative from time to time. Of course, greatly single-minded and stubborn women are not that much attractive either. Too much of anything can make people sick.


Now, this level of understanding might be about anything but firstly we are going to talk about when she knows that you have your own friends and family and she respects that! She gives you all the time you need to spend with your family and friends. Even if you ask her to join, she will tell you that you need your time with them. Maybe next time. This type of girl is known as the coolest girlfriends and the woman that every man dreams of having. So respect can be the key to your love’s heart.

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You need to know that asking questions in a relationship is pretty normal. In order for the two of you to share what you think and see if you have the same perspective on life and many other things, you need to ask questions. To manage responsibilities you need to ask for questions and point out what he needs to do if he forgets and what you need to do if YOU forget. Sometimes these questions get out of hand and we come with this passive-aggressive, open-end questions! Do not go for that because it is frustrating.

Sense of humor

The sense of humor is something that works everywhere with everyone. That’s a rule that should apply to everyone, not just women. A smiling person with a sense of humor who laughs at the odds of fate is always exceptionally attractive, regardless of the gender. A pleasant, friendly and optimistic woman enchants every man and makes him lose his mind for her. When we say someone is cool, we all think of a person who is funny and know how to make another laugh. They even know how to laugh at themselves and their stupid actions! A girl who knows how to make you laugh can turn your life into the most beautiful one you have ever been living.

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Everyone loves to be appreciated by their partner. Make a list of the little things they have done for you and thank them for it.tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life and how you cannot imagine your life without them. Those small praises will fill your partner’s heart with positivity and leave no room for dullness and negativity.

There are some approaches you can go to help yourself with the arguments as well. It is all about how smart you are and how well you can play. Remember that your communication skills and work wonders. For instance, using the humor is something you can do in order to change the serious argument into something less serious and lighter. Or you can even tactfully change the subject you know is a never-ending discussion!

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